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I've been inactive for close to two years now, but this is going to change soon. I've been wanting to update Azel's visuals, but unfortunately i've lost the original xcf flies due to hard drive failure... I will still update it with some bug fixes in the near future, but right now i am working on something completely new. It will have influences from Azel, as well as Oxygen and Bespin from the KDE front.

I tried using KDE exclusively for a couple of months since i prefer qt over gtk, but i just couldn't get the same workflow that gnome has offered me for the last 3 years. I did appreciate the visuals though, and going back to gnome and gtk was not a so pleasant experience. That's why i decided to try my hand again at skinning the short guy.

So what should you expect from this new theme? It will be silver but with the option of adjusting the colors and it will have a nice full window gradient. Widgets will be rounded instead of edgy (Azel), shadows will be soft and contrast will be low and easy on the eyes. I am also experimenting with some never before seen things in gnome, but i am forced to implement them with some dirty workarounds since they aren't really supported by the toolkit. This means that there will be some visual glitches in the first version that i intend to fix with per application settings as soon as you find them. Have i ever told you how much i hate custom widgets ???

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SkiesOfAzel Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010
I will initially support nautilus elementary (which i use myself). Unfortunately, i can't support both vanilla and elementary at the same time, but i am planing to write a configuration app for the new theme in the feature, probably in python, that will allow the user to chose allot of things according to his preferences (applications specific tweaks, gradients, etc). I will probably include an option about nautilus there.
Izobalax Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
- Skinning for Nautilus will be harder now as there is a cross-section between those using vanilla Nautilus and the rest using Elementary-Nautilus (which features skinnable pathbar and sidebar);
- Consider the skinning of the panel as you have users using the vanilla GNOME-panel layout whilst others who use Ubuntu hardly use a systray anymore due to the development and deployment of the app indicators;
- You know what I haven't seen in a long time? A really good, ORIGINAL metacity/emerald theme. Get on that shit.
- I'd recommend checking out ~Th3R0b's work (he doesn't, unfortunately, skin for GNOME anymore and is instead making wonderful strides in KDE4.x theming). In my mind, he was, and still really is, one of the best GNOME themers around.

I look forward to seeing what you have in mind!

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October 17, 2010


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