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April 22, 2007
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imetal for gnome by SkiesOfAzel imetal for gnome by SkiesOfAzel
Latest Update :
11/4/2008 version 0.99 :
Now that Azel is finaly completed and released, i managed to update imetal too ... There is only one theme now, if you want to use globalmenu with it , just open the gtkrc file found inside the theme folder and change the line (it's near the end) :
include "Tweaks/tweaks.rc"
include "Tweaks/globalmenu-tweaks.rc"
and reload the theme.

Description :
This is an addon to the already released imetal port for windows by mrrste .

Original imetal theme for OSX created by Andyblac.

The theme also works with the globalmenu gtk hack that simulates the top panel menu functionality of macos. You can read more about it here.

Included in this pack are : the gtk theme, 2 metacity themes , skins for firefox 2 (i won't do a skin for firefox 3, there are many macish skins for it already out there), an emerald decorator, and a skin for mplayer.
In order to open the archive successfully , change the suffix from gz to tar.gz .

The dock on the bottom is avant window navigator,the best dock for gnome IMO. If you want to try it, i highly recommend you to get the bzr version as it's allot better then the old one posted on the project page.

The file manager is Thunar and you can probably get it from your distro's repository.

This is my first skin for gnome so plz be gentle :).

Changelog :
v0.99 :
- Fixed a bug (introduced in v0.98) where the panel notifications are black.
- Network applet's wireless progressbars fixed.

v0.98 :
- Fixed a bug (introduced in v0.97) where empty lists had a blue color.
- Evolution vertical mail preview mode list headers fixed.
- Thunar home toolbar button is now properly skinned.

v0.97 :
- Tooltips color changed to blue.
- Some list header fixes.
- Banshee song tittle background fixed.

v0.96 :
- Now the same theme works with or without the globalmenu. Just change
include "Tweaks/tweaks.rc"
include "Tweaks/globalmenu-tweaks.rc"
if you are using the globalmenu applet and hack.
- Added shadows to arrows.
- Combobox and optionmenu now look completely the same.
- Spinbuttons comboboxes and optionmenus now have the same arrows for a more consistant look.
- Toolbuttons changed.
- Metacity themes now have less aliasing and wider left and right borders in order to make resising easier.
- The selected tab on a notebook is no longer taller than the rest.
- Panel buttons are now the same as the regular buttons.
- Changed some shadows (shadow out).
- Menubar menuitem selector changed.
- Panel menu icon size redused.
- Mplayer skin added.

v0.86 :
- Removed the clearlooks versions from the pack.
- Most of the tweaks for individual apps are now allot more specific in order to speed up the theme.
- Fixed a bug that caused the right side of Thunar address bar to become larger than the left when using certain icon themes.
- Changed the Thunar toolbar icons spacing.
- Gnumeric now looks as it should.
- gFTP now has full gradients.
- Fixed volume control sliders background color.
- Inkscape now has gradients. I still can't skin every Inkscape toolbar individualy (and i don't think it's possible) but if you hide one of the top 2 toolbars it should look ok.
- Changed the color of the rulers for the imetal-gradient version.
- Gnumeric, File Roller , Evolution and Synaptic non continuous gradient fixed.
- Epiphany has a round searchbox.
- Two new firefox skins with round adressboxes have been added.

v0.80 :
- Thunderbird skin added (a modification of Crossover X by riz).
- Fixed a bug where the panel sliders inherited the panel background.
- Fixed a bug where some scrollbars weren't drawn properly (mainly Gimp scrollbars).
- The Evolution New button now has a normal blue highlight instead of a grey/blue one.
- Evolution Task buttons changed from rounded to squared.
- Fixed a Nautilus bug with the toolbar and the non macmenu version.
- Fixed File Roller Toolbar for the non macmenu version.
- Changed the round addressbars.
- Included different rc files for toolbars with no text beneath icons. In order to use them, open the gtkrc file and
find the 'include "nautilus-tweaks.rc"' line near the end of the file. Change it to include "nautilus-tweaks-notext.rc" (only the macmenu version needs this change) and do the same for the 'include "epiphany-tweaks.rc"' line.

v0.76 :
- Evolution no longer looks like Silvester Stalone.
- Reduced Epiphany address bar height.
- Increased list header height.

v0.75 :
- Create Launcher no longer inherits the panel background.
- Epiphany address bar no longer contains another address bar.
- Epiphany Search the Web and Find textboxs are now rounded.
- Thunar toolbar buttons are now placed more symmetrically. They are nearer the left side of the window and have less space between them.
- Thunar adress bar height reduced, width increased.

v0.73 :
- Fixed a bug that caused the right side of the Thunar address bar (the visited locations drop down menu button) to look like the left side of the address bar after pressing it. The button now always looks like the round end of the address bar (even when pressed).
- Changed the Thunar address bar arrow icon.
- Slight change to the panel background.

v0.72 :
- The menu bar applet and other panel applets that have a menubar now properly inherit the panel background.

v0.71 :
- Fixed some problems with the xfce panel and applets. It should now be fully skinned.

v0.70 :
- Removed stretching for the gradient to make the skin more speedy (IF YOUR MONITOR'S RESOLUTION IS GREATER THAN 1200 READ THE README FOR INSTRUCTIONS).
- Added metacity decorators (rounded and squared).
- Added macmenu applet with fake default menu for xfce.
- Improved shadows.
- Added panel buttons.
- Fixed the font configurator buttons.
- Changed the default background colors.
- Changed the notebook to have a more consistent look with the rest of the theme.
- Skinned the panel buttons.
- Made the round address boxes of Nautilus and Thunar exclusive to their toolbars (no round misshapen text entry dialogs anymore).
- Firefox download windows now have full gradients.
- Firefox skins are a little lighter (use less pixmaps).

v0.50 :
- Abandoned grey variant.
- Moved fully to pixbuf engine.
- Added gradients.
- Everything skin element is now a port of the osx version.
- New firefox skins (a regular one and one for use with the menubar hidden)
- New emerald theme.
- Added a modified version of the macmenu applet that displays a fake main menu (label) when there isn't another menu displayed on the panel.

v0.30 :
- This is the first version of the theme.
- Modified the Tish clearlooks theme by adding pixmap scrollbars panels and menubars.
- Created emerald and metacity decorations.
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anggaFSP Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012
where's the osx icons???
think your fans here...

including me
petux7 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
cool I like very much
pompidoi Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
thanks :)
xPivotX Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010
reminds me of itunes for some strange reason
SkiesOfAzel Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010
Lol, thx i guess =p
xPivotX Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2010
its actually a bit darker than the default iTunes 10 theme, but still, it looks amazing.
SkiesOfAzel Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2010
Yes, it is a port of an old osx theme that was inspired by itunes. I haven't been maintaining it for the last 2 years though, so i am very surprised it still works, that's good to hear :)
xPivotX Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010
i actually have it installed on GIMP right now (im a windows user with GTK theme engines and theme manager app installed for GIMP). the entire theme is amazing, simple and clean. just what i like in my themes.
SkiesOfAzel Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010
You might also like my latest theme : Orta
xPivotX Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010
i actually already have it. Again, simple clean theme that can work with ant theme i want. just what i wanted.
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